Auto Auctions Near Me For Police, Government and State.

In the USA alone over 27,000 cars are seized every year for being uninsured. A Further 315,000 Luxury cars are seized for non-payment of finance and 65,000 government vehicles are replaced every year that are less than 2 years old.

A lot of people don’t question where these vehicles end up, if they are crushed and sent away from scrap metal. Well, to your benefit and profit they actually end up in auto auction houses up and down the country where people like you can grab bargains everyday. Many start independent car sales business’s to make money on the side of there full time job or some grow this to be full car lots.

Most commonly the average buyer gets to buy a car for 80% less than the retail cost.

Here at My Four Wheels our aim is to provide you with the best auction houses to find these great deals so you can start making these secret savings like others have just like you.

Let us breakdown what each type of auction means:

Police Car Auction – Police seized vehicles, which tend to be high performance and luxury cars such as BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Lexus and the van list are displayed for the public to make an offer. If the government does not need them. The condition of these cars tend to be the best available as governments have in house vehicle service and maintenance teams.

Government Car Auction –  Government car auctions tend to be from debtors to the IRS and other services. When debts cannot be repaid the cars are seized and sold at auction to recover the cost of the vehicle. These cars are generally well looked after as they where previously owned by a paying owner.

Seized Car Auction – Seized car auctions tend to be cars that end up in the auction house by many means. They may be seized cars due to the nature of a crime they were involved in such as the proceeds of crime. Some of these automobiles can be very luxurious.

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