About Us

Whipcar is one of the easy to use and convenient online websites today that help give you information on the latest auto auctions. In the US over 27,000 seized cars every year due to not being insured. 

There are also 65,000 government vehicles that are replaced every year and 315,000 luxury cars auctioned for non-payment. Whipcar will surely be able to give you the auto auction information that you need.

You shouldn’t worry about anything because Whipcar provides information about the latest auctions 24 hours every single day. Every auction also takes place through the internet, which means that you no longer have to dress up and go somewhere to bid. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection, and you can offer for the vehicle that you want. 

Our Purpose

Whipcar was established to help individuals who are looking for government agencies who seized cars for auction to be sold. The reason behind this is because not everyone is familiar with this process. Only a few people are aware that they can purchase seized cars that are not older than two years old. To make things easier for both parties, the government agencies, and individuals, to resell and purchase these seized vehicles, Whipcar was established to provide you the latest in the auto auction industry. 

Whipcar put up a reliable team to ensure that all information about the auction are available in the site. We have been expanding our information on different states in the USA to ensure that we cater to everyone from different parts of the country. 

We at Whipcar understand the need for these seized vehicles to be auctioned, which means that whipcar is here to provide you with nothing but the best information about auction online to make your experience easier. To make things easier, we made sure that auctioning is made simple using user-friendly barriers and options for people to bid. 

Vehicles Auctioned

At Whipcar, we also offer different types of information on vehicles, depending on your needs. As mentioned above, there are seized cars, government-owned cars, and police cars that are being auctioned. We cater to different brands, from Lexus, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, Ram, Dodge, and even BMW. 

We also have information on vans to cater for people who need bigger vehicles for different purposes. All this information simply means that at Whipcar, you can find almost every kind of car auction that you like depending on your needs. All you have to do is to browse through the state that you live in, and we will show you the different auto auction that is currently happening in your state. 

Mint Condition Auctioned Vehicles

The auctioned cars that are in good condition so it will always look like you’re bidding for a new vehicle. Some of the auctioned vehicles are very much luxurious, and you can get it at a more affordable rate compared to a brand new one. You no longer have to worry about high priced vehicles because you can bid with your preferred price. If you are the highest bidder, then the car that is being auctioned will automatically be yours.