Connecticut Auto Auction

Are you looking for a “new” vehicle at a price that you know you can afford? If your answer is ‘yes’, why don’y you attend the next car auction in your area? Seized or confiscated cars are usually sold at government auctions.

These auctions are sponsored by the local police department or the sheriff’s office and the cars are sold for a fraction of the original price. Here are some tips to find the car you want at the right price.

Tips On Finding An Auto Auction Connecticut

If you want to know when a government or police car auction will take place in your area, then doing your own research would be best. Other auto auctions in Connecticut of seized cars that you may be interested in participating in will also include cars that come from state or local surpluses.

The state and the banks want to get rid of the cars they finance as soon as possible because the storage costs several millions of dollars. Because of this, you can be pretty sure you will get a car at an affordable price if you buy it at a government auction. It’s not unusual for cars to sell 80 to 95 percent less of the retail price!

Are Seized Cars In Poor Condition

A car seized in Connecticut is not necessarily one that is in poor condition. However, when you buy your car at an auction, you should keep in mind that the rules are a little different. If the vehicle you buy at an auction is sold “as is”, you will be the one responsible for the damages and repairs once you win the bidding. Because of this, you must buy something that has a guarantee that protects you if something goes wrong with your “new” car from the auction.

You should also buy a warranty for the car, so if repairs are needed, they won’t become that expensive. You should also remember to never to ever walk away from the auction site without obtaining the papers of the car. You will not be able to legally register the car and receive a license plate. It could present you with some serious legal problems in the future.

Few people really know that car auction exists, which gives you an advantage over most people. Although it is actually a disadvantage for the government to sell cars at low prices, it is a great gain for you as a potential buyer.

How Are Auction Government Cars Produced?

Government car auction agencies confiscate or recover many vehicles every day. A good estimate puts that number in thousands per day. These vehicles belong to those owners who are just in debt to the government due to tax huge or the serious criminal’s issues in general. Under laws, there are legal provisions to confiscate these properties. A large number of vehicles confiscated each day is overwhelming and the agencies desperately need to get rid of them quickly.

It is this circumstance that makes the chance to purchase vehicles at absolute low costs. Expect to discover cars, even luxurious cars with up to 90% discount on the total costs of the ones at the dealership. You can even bring home a good condition seized cars auction for minimal cost.

Other important things to keep in mind about auto auction Connecticut confiscated by the government:

To take part of an auto auction Connecticut, you should be no less than 18 years of age. Bring your ID when you are there as it is required.

There are some vehicles that are not available to the general public. A license  is needed to be able to bid. Normally, these are for distributors. However, there are many public auctions in which you can participate, whether you are buying a car for personal use or for profit.

Checking Your Local Government

The usual method to locate these auction sites would be by consulting with the auctioneers of your local government. You can also check your town hall to obtain information about the available vehicles and the place of the Auto Auction Connecticut. These details can be found in newspapers and car magazines as well.

Ideally, you should know the place and the car lists before you even go to an auction. This gives you enough time to discover everything you want to know about the details of the Auto Auction Connecticut, such as the value, brand, model, and performance of your car. This information can be found in seized automatic search directories like the one on my blog.

Generally, there are dozens of auto auction Connecticut seized by the government that happens in several states at any time. Therefore, you can plan your route over the weekend, perhaps to drive from one to another to see the vehicles. It is always advisable to list one of the 3 or 4 favorite options for which you want to submit an offer. At least if you lose one, you can always bid on the next one.

Know Where Auctions Are Happening

In the same way, you must be fully aware of where they are happening, as well as when and at what time. They usually open early so you be be there before the bid to actually see the vehicles available. This information is found in the search directories of cars seized online.

Auto auction Connecticut are frequently frequented by used car dealers. Previously, the public was not aware of the existence of such auctions and how they could buy cars in excellent working conditions there. Most of these vehicles are well cared for.

Assuming you are planning to buy a new car from cheaply used car auctions, then the information here will be useful. Keep in mind that within the auctions, the vehicles that are sold were seized or confiscated from their previous owners by banks, financial institutions or government agencies. The reasons can be tax evasion, loan default, and others.


Finally, always bring a qualified car mechanic who could perform simple diagnostics to evaluate the vehicle’s condition. If you have a friend who is good at that, ask him or her. Check my blog for an updated list of current auto auctions seized by the government today.