How I Use Goverment Auctions To Make Money & Save On Cars!


Hi guys – James here.

I’m just gonna give you some quick advice for getting great deals at auctions. If my story helps you half as much as it’s helped me then you’ll be a very happy driver.

I didn’t have much money, but I needed a car to drive to work after my old one gave up the ghost on me.

So I did the usual and went hunting online.

I saw people selling used cars for more than I could afford on the likes of Auto Trader and Edmunds. Then I stumbled across this government car auction site.

The prices were crazy low. I was skeptical at first. But then I discovered why they were so cheap.

Firstly, you’re not dealing with all the reseller fees that get piled on top

Secondly the government wants a quick sale – they’ve got bigger fish to fry and want cars off their hands quickly so they can concentrate on other things.

So I went ahead and picked one up – a two year old Toyota Corolla.

The car was in mint condition, drove like a dream, and I saved thousands!

I was over the moon, and spent a good few months happily driving with it. But then my circumstances changed and I needed a bigger car. At first I thought this was going to be a big pain in the butt to sort out, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

I went to put my Toyota on Auto Trader, and saw that the same model from my year was selling for thousands more than I bought mine for. I needed a quick sell, so I listed the price just a bit lower than the rest. It was snapped up straight away, and I profited so much money!

I then immediately went and got a bigger car from the auction site with the profit. And I hadn’t lost a penny doing it. In fact I still had money left over!

Then it dawned on me.

Why don’t I try and make a bit extra on the side doing this?

So I did, and the ‘bit extra’ turned out to be a bit of an understatement.

Three months later I was earning $5000 extra a month flipping cars I bought at auction.

After six months, I earned a whopping $10,000 extra in a single month doing it.

And I didn’t have to do any work on the cars at all. I mean literally nothing! Just buy and flip – put it slightly below the asking price on Auto Trader or Craigslist, and it will be snapped straight away to the tune of thousands in your bank.

It’s daft really. I made a one time investment of $39 to sign up to a site that makes me up to 10k a month.

Actually at 39 bucks, I don’t know if I can even call it an investment – it’s the price of a round of drinks!

I actually really enjoy doing it too.

I like taking home a car and enjoying the sleek driving experience of a BMW one month, to the beefed-up, spacious appeal of a Chevrolet Suburban the next.

I like not having to break my back doing overtime to make a decent living.

And I like all the holidays I now get to have with my family because of all the extra money I make.

But here’s what I just can’t get my head around…

I’ve told so many friends and family about how great an opportunity this is, and how it’s stupid easy money.

But most somehow think it’s out of their reach and give daft excuses:

“Oh I’m not a car expert”

“I probably don’t have the time”

“Sounds like you need to be a brain box for it”

They forget they’re talking to ME. I’m not some big business guru with a mind for numbers and fancy jargon. I was the class clown at school, then left at 18 and drifted through standard low-paid jobs.

I do kinda get it though. It’s still baffling to me today why this feels like such easy money for someone with zero selling experience. Instead of flipping burgers for 10 dollars an hour, I’m flipping cars for 10k a month.

I’m happy to say though, that some people have listened to my advice.

My older brother was in the same boat as me. Low-paid job but with mouths to feed and working his ass off to make ends meet.

But since he’s took my advice and joined me in reselling cars from this site, he’s paid off all his credit cards, is piling money into his kid’s college funds, and as I write this is somewhere in Hawaii on a two week vacation with his family.

That’s why I’m telling people about this. It’s actually so frustrating to me that some folks are working their fingers to the bone to get a bit of extra money, when making a great life for themselves is within easy reach. I’ve never felt more carefree than I do today.

I’ll warn you one thing though. If you follow in my footsteps and start making bank, when you excitedly go to tell your friends and family about how they can do it too, don’t be surprised if they don’t follow your lead.

No matter how good a deal is, with some people you can yell til you’re blue in the face and it won’t make any difference.

So there’s my wisdom as I see it! At the very least this government auction site should net you an awesome price on a personal car that will keep you happy for years. And the rest is there for the taking!

Happy driving!

James Miller