Kentucky Auto Auction

Auto auctions in Kentucky offer a tremendous opportunity to find used cars for sale at extreme cost savings. The used car sales usually rely on trade-ins that have high mileage. Many of the vehicles are in excellent shape, but selling them on a new car lot is cost-prohibitive. For this reason, many dealerships turn their trade-ins over to a reliable auction house. You need to know the difference between the types of auto auctions in Kentucky.

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Government seizure auctions

Cars are seized by the government all the time for many reasons ranging from loan default–to tax evasion–to forfeiture due to drug related crimes. These auctions offer what is probably the best chance to buy a used car cheap. Insurance Auctions: Vehicles sold in this manner are typically damaged. Some are so destroyed, that their only value is as scrap or for parts. Others might be mechanically sound, but need body work that is so extensive, it just isn’t cost effective for the insurance company to undertake. These “totaled” cars offer the ability to find used cars for sale at a small fraction of value. This route is only recommended to those that have the means to make the majority of repairs on their own.

Police auctions

Police auctions can be the best place for people looking for various vehicles at reasonable prices. There are different car models that are displayed at the police auctions. These cars at the police auctions can either be accident cars, criminal cars, or those confiscated due to forfeiture of assets, or even the old police cars. You are given a chance to view unlimited models and types of vehicles at the auction. However, in the entire car list, you might find some cars of first-class quality, some which of which are brand new while others of second class and old.

Government surplus car auctions

Federal, state and local governments have strict protocols in place when it comes to getting rid of property–such as vehicles–when they are no longer needed. If you’ve ever seen a civilian driving what appeared to be a cop’s car, chances are it came from one of these auctions. The advantage to these is that the cars are often well-maintained. The disadvantage is they are often used hard, and have high mileage. The cars here are normally sold at around 90% off their market value.

A successful used auto auction Kentucky comes from the dedication of the seller to both the set up and execution of the process.

In conclusion, if you are buying salvage or a used model, you would only be partially covered by insurance. As a result it is nice to check the insurance auction section to know if you have to make any major adjustments to your budget. The process of auto shipping would be fairly fast and as long as you buy from the leading names in the industry, your delivery would be guaranteed. Online auto auction Kentucky depends on making a smart and well informed choice so you can save up on your finances while purchasing a car that has been designed for long term sustainability and a value for money proposition.

America's #1 Trusted Source to Gov't Car Auctions

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