New Mexico Auto Auction

Today, thousands of people are realizing that used car dealerships are not the best place to find cheap used cars. In fact, since there are now websites that offer cheap access to auctions of cars confiscated by the government online; Now you can find a used vehicle for a fraction of the price you would pay, even at a local dealership or auction (up to ninety-five percent of the retail value!). That being the case, why would anyone want to go in search of cheap used cars anywhere other than online, at these public auctions?

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If you are looking for a new or used car, you know how expensive it can be. That’s why more and more people turn to the car auction to find a deal in a car. There are two types of auctions: one is a private sale only for dealers and the second is open to the public. However, there are some tricks to get a sale deal only for dealers, even if you are not a distributor.

Most people mistakenly think that at the auction, only used cars are sold. This simply is not true. New car dealers will take their excess inventory of new cars to sell them too. So you can find a deal with both new and used cars, trucks and even recreational vehicles.

There are two important things you should know before going to an auction. It is knowing which vehicle you want (or at least reducing it to several options). This shall prevent you from just getting on sale to purchase a used automobile and return home in a good automobile deal! Know what options you definitely want and which ones you can live without. Do your research online on all the options available for the car you want and what it is worth each. Second, know your spending limit! There is nothing as exciting as bidding at an auction. But being caught in the frenzy does not help anyone but the seller. Remember, you are trying to get a deal with a car. So set a limit on how much you want to spend and stay with it. If the offer goes beyond what you planned to spend, leave and wait for the next article.

If you are not a dealer but want to buy a car at an exclusive dealer auction, there is a secret that many people do not know. Call some of your local used car dealers and tell them you are looking for a specific car and you were wondering if they would go to an auction and buy the vehicle in your name. Some distributors are willing to do this. Some will charge you a flat rate; some will charge a percentage of the cost of the vehicle. Make sure that if you choose to follow this route you have a written agreement with all the costs agreed in advance and that the dealer knows the maximum amount you are willing to spend.

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Find and take advantage of auto auctions in New Mexico

Automotive auctions are also a very useful service for small used car dealers, as they can maintain a constant inventory of used cars in their lots and thus boost sales by keeping their customers coming back to see what’s new. Many dealerships will also make use of auto auctions as a way of rotating their stock by taking cars that have been occupying space in the lot for some time to sell them to the highest bidder and then buying a new selection of cars for profits.

Where are you looking to find car auctions?

Car auctions are very easy to locate in the information age in which we live. Many times the local newspaper will have several listings for several car auctions in the area. Many times these car auctions are for dealer surpluses or even surplus sales from government agencies and you can find some incredible deals by taking the time to review the offers. Simply pick up the local newspaper and take a look, especially in the classifieds section, and you are likely to find a car auction near your city.

Another good method to find local car auctions is to look in your phone book. If you use a search phrase such as “Automobile auction houses”, you will surely find an auction service in your metropolitan area. Other ideas to look for phrases are “Auto Auction”, “Seized Cars Car Auctions” or “Police auction”. Ask the auction house some questions and try to get your name on your mailing list and you may find yourself on the road to locate the car of your dreams at a very reasonable price.

With easy Internet access these days, why not take a look at the results of the favorite search engines for car auctions? Many times the search will lead to automatic auctions in which you can participate without ever leaving your home. Imagine sitting at your desk with a cold soda and a sandwich. Now imagine making a few keys and buying a car. What could make the transaction more convenient?

If none of these options is for you, you can always ask around to find your local place for car auctions. Ask local Auto Auction New Mexico show associations about upcoming auto auctions or contact the local chamber of commerce to find popular auctioneers in your area. Another great source of information is local new car dealerships, which can usually guide you to auto auctions in your area, but be prepared to support an argument for selling a new vehicle when you make the inquiry. Investigating some historical records of the car you want to buy would save you a lot of trouble. Before arriving at a car auction purchase idea, check the details of the car you want to offer. No matter where you are from, state or country, you can easily fall victim to a scam.

After all, they do not really want to lose their business, but most salespeople will be good sports on the situation if they are friendly and allow them to at least try to sell you a new car before going to save money and buy one at auto auctions.