North Carolina Auto Auction

Car auction in North Carolina is closed. This means that it is exclusively limited to car dealers. There are various auto auction firms in the state and one can easily buy or sell a car through auction. So if you are in the state and want to dispose your aged fleet or get rid of unnecessary inventory, don’t worry as there are many avenues for auctioning them.

Banks can seize cars over unpaid loans, the police can nab vehicles due to certain violations as well as other government agencies seizing cars due to various reasons. The seized cars are auctioned at affordable prices and is an extremely cheap way of owning a car. This article explores all possible means and avenues for Auto Auction in North Carolina including the auction firms, police and government auctions as well as electronic means of auction available to residents of the state.

If interested in buying a car in North Carolina, one is required to have their current drivers license and cash or debit/ credit card. There are weekly auctions in the state, from which one can buy or sell. The cars are sold ate relatively low prices and are Autochecked to ensure they have a flawless tittle and no any past salvage history. One can visit the auction centers on non-sale days and purchase without having to attend the auctions.

Auto Auction North Carolina

Visiting the auction centers before the sale day comes can help one save a lot by buying at off peak times. One can even be accompanied by a mechanic to inspect the vehicle. It is worth noting that most cars in the state come with a reserve price.

Anyone can view the inventory available in the state online and call the auction it is located the run number from which the car is listed. A car auction buying and selling tips site is also available online from which one can read guidelines on how to buy and sell cars through auction in the US.

Police Auction In North Carolina

Nabbed vehicles in North Carolina are police auctioned at very low prices and one can make a fortune by acquiring a good vehicle at low prices. The North Carolina State Highway and patrol are the major seizures of these cars. Unclaimed autos in the state are police auctioned also at a low price. In fact, the police may largely aim at disposing such vehicles and it will be an avenue of acquiring a vehicle at a low cost for any interested persons. Police auctions are normally communicated before being conducted and the vehicles bought may be warranted.

Government Car Auction

In case of unpaid taxes or the result of other judicial and legal proceedings, the government may seize and auction cars. Usually, the discount on cars auctioned by the government are so huge that one may end up making a 90% profit in the process. The government also auctions old state vehicles and it undoubtedly a prime chance of not only driving a once state owned car but also saving on the cost of its acquisition.

Seized Cars Auction

The FBI, police and the DEA may seize cars either due to failure to pay taxes, violations of some laws or failure to make statutory monthly payments. Banks on the other side may nab cars after failure to make stated interest payments or delayed loan repayments. Once seized, the cars may be auctioned by the agencies who seize them or the agencies my contact an auction firm to auction the cars on their behalf. North Carolina has numerous auction firms from which one can buy seized cars through auctions. Usually, such cars are auctioned at a discount and one can make a great profit and end up buying an extremely posh vehicle.

Major Auto Auction Firms in North Carolina
•Raleigh Auto Auction
This is one of the leading auto auctioneers in the state with a broad range of vehicles one can select from. Interested clients can visit the premises anytime between 8.00am-5.00pm from Monday to Friday.

•Beaver Dam Auto Auction Inc.
It is located in 107 Webb road Shelby NC 28152. Auctions are conducted each Wednesday on 7.00pm

•Greenville Auto Auction
Located in 4330 Dickinson Avenue Greenville North Carolina. The auction day is announced a month before, often on the fourth Thursday of each month.

•King Auto Auction
Located in 5620 Hendersonville Road and auctions are on every Thursday at 6.15 pm

•Rays Southern Auto Auction Inc.
Situated at 2401 Montreal Avenue

•West Jefferson Auto Auction
Situated at 181 Beaver Creek Church Road and auctions are on every Thursday at 6.30 pm

•Mendenhall Auto Auction Inc.
This is the major auction firm in Randolph county in North Carolina. it is usually open to dealers and general public on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Auto auction services available include fleet lease, dealer and public consignments and Bank Repos.

•Capital Auto Auction
This firm is located slightly of US 1, north of Raleigh on 2380 Long Mill Road, Youngsville in North Carolina.

With the numerous forums and platforms for car auctions in the North Carolina, it is easy to sell or buy a car in the state through auction. Furthermore, one may end up saving numerous cash off the prize and obtain a sophisticated car.