Oregon Auto Auction

Buying a car at government seized auctions is turning out to be a profitable move for most people in Oregon. In these auctions the rules are clearly defined, the environment is totally safe and conducive for a car purchase. There are amazing discounts of up to 90% on the price of auction cars are available. Many people are attending these government car auctions despite the current economic conditions. One can find cars of different varieties like SUVs, RVs, luxury cars, or vans at these auctions at low prices. Even people who had initially harbored dreams of buying a car, but could not do so due to financial constraints, auto auction Oregon is giving them a new ray of hope.

Essential Information You Need to Know

The automatic question that can pop up in the minds of most people is where vehicles in the government car auctions come from. What you need to know is that these cars are repossessed from people who have failed to repay their loans. These vehicles are repossessed or seized and sold off at these auto auctions. The value of these vehicles is significantly less as compared to the original street value since the lien holder has the shortest possible time to pay back his money. As opposed to many people may think, the vehicles available at government auto auctions are relatively new and in a good state.

Also, you can inspect the vehicles before the process of auto auction Oregon starts. In most of the government auto auctions, free VIN checks are done to ensure that there is additional safety. One thing that may be tricky is knowing the locations and venues of these auctions. You may find that these auctions have not been publicly advertised and you’ve missed the opportunity. To avoid missing this golden chance of getting your dream car, keep an eye out for these auctions be it on the local newspapers or the internet. Research and if possible, find someone who is knowledgeable about these auctions always to keep you informed. The number of people who attend is sometimes very low, and since some of them are not even aware that there an auction taking place in their area. If the attendees are less, then the number of bids would automatically go down. You can quickly get a great car deal with such levels of low competition during the bidding process.

How To Find the Best Auto Auction

The first place to look for car auctions is online. There are lots of car auction sites online today and even directories that will provide you local listings. Another way to find car auctions in your area is to type “car or auto auction Oregon” into Google or any major search engine. This will pull up a list of government car auctions in your area. Put together a list of the best auctions. Before wasting time and gas going down to the car auction, it may be a good idea to do a little research and check out who conducts the auction first. Another great way to find an auto auction is doing a Google map search on the address of an auto auctioneer company and this pulls up consumer reviews on the auction. Please take into consideration that these reviews can be written by anyone, including malicious competitors who are out to destroy the name of the car auction. Please note that government auto auctions may be conducted by the local authorities or may be delegated to an auto auctioneer company.

Now that you’ve shortened your list a bit, it’s time to make some calls. A lot of car auctions have their auctions take place on the weekend to bring in more clients so the best time to call for information is the weekdays as they will be under less stress and will be more willing to walk you through the basic steps. This brings us to the first question you should ask which is the hours of operation for the auction. To ensure that you are informed, and you won’t miss this opportunity, do yourself a favor and ask the day of auction and the starting hours.

Many locations will have different times to fit in with facilities available to run their auctions. The next question is asking if is the auction open to the general public. Some car auctions may only be commercial or trade only which means you may need a dealer license in order to place a bid. If you are talking to a government auction, be sure to ask if you need to provide your own tow truck. Most police auctions may not let you drive the car off the lot and require you to move it outside the lot with the use of a tow truck. This is where it can really help to know a tow truck driver or have access to one. And don’t be afraid to look foolish when asking questions. Everyone has to start somewhere, and most car auction companies understand this and want to help potential new buyers out. Using this guide as a general outline with a little research on your own, you should have no problem getting that great deal on your next car.

Government seized auto auctions Oregon have become a key source of vehicles at affordable prices and the possibility of purchasing a car at even 90% less price attracts many auto dealers too. With the current financial crisis, people are often failing to pay their loans and hence the number of seized or repossessed cars is continuously increasing. Therefore, the greater the number of auctions being held by the government to sell off these cars. Are you looking for a cheap and well-maintained car? Worry no more! An auto auction Oregon can work to your advantage. This place is a convenient way to acquire your next car in cost that you’ve never imagined. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, take advantage of it and get the best deal of your life.