Pennsylvania Auto Auction

When and why do we go to auto auction Pennsylvania? What is there in these assemblies that attract people to go and attend them? The first and most important reason is, obviously, cars. You do not have to be a passionate auto enthusiast such as being involved in racing to be able to attend an auction. Just driving or buying is enough reason to be there.

As cars are essential in today’s fast-paced city life, it is normal that the young should want to buy one. Aside from its practical function as a transport vehicle, a car, especially one of the late model editions of better-known brands can be a status symbol. Even the most modest man cannot deny the delight of being in the spotlight.

There are many ways you can own a car. Some people get theirs as gifts – very lucky for them! Some others have the good fortune of a car lease plan that goes with their job. They get to own their cars in easy installment payments to the company without the added financing costs. The company also benefits from the scheme as it facilitates performance of jobs and gets to enjoy an opportunity for discounts and other bonuses for packaged deals such as company fleet purchases.

Companies may also let its employees use cars from its fleet without them worrying about fuel and maintenance costs, which are all shouldered by the company. They do not need to worry about mortgage payments the way they have to if they bought the cars on their own.

These company fleet cars are often due for replacement after about three years. They are turned over to professional auto auctioneers to be offered to the public. These are best buys for those who are setting their eyes on cheaper but still of excellent condition pre-owned cars. They have stiff competition, though, from bulk car auction buyers such as second-hand auto dealerships who make good business from buying and reselling cars for a profit.

If not lucky enough to get your dream car from any of the several car auctions in your area, used cars from the neighborhood garage are your next best option to acquire your “start-up” car. But if you have the patience and are not that pressured to get your dream car quick, maybe you will have better luck with the next batch of cars up for auction.

Tips for Attending Government Car Auction Pennsylvania

Although it should be rather obvious, my first tip should be followed without anyone even suggesting it. But amazingly a lot of people fail to perform this simple task! That is, read and become familiar with the terms and conditions prior to going to any government car auctions. Some people have the misconception that all government car auctions are the same and the rules and procedures are standardized. I assure you this is not correct, and it can be a costly mistake to make. Different auctions can vary greatly in key terms and you should be familiar with them before you participate. What kinds of payment are accepted if you are the winning bidder, how quickly does the merchandise have to be removed from the auction lot and if you aren’t in a position to take it away immediately will there be further storage fees? Lots of hassles and frustration can be prevented by just some simple basic preparation – read the guidelines and terms.

Again a seemingly obvious point to consider, but some people need to be reminded. Determine beforehand what your absolute highest budget is and under no circumstances go over it. Car auctions are designed to get bidders involved on an emotional basis. This along with the fact that bidders (especially men) can view the bidding process as a competition, and you can see how people can get carried away. Keep a cool head and always keep the numbers in mind and don’t go over. There will always be another vehicle to bid on another day.

In some government car auctions, depending on the state and county as well as what type of auction it is, there may be additional fees or taxes due on a won item. Make sure you are aware beforehand so you can adjust your bidding limits accordingly. Used automobiles and used pick up trucks may require additional taxes or registrations fees and other types of merchandise as well may be subject to taxes and/or fees. Storage costs may apply if you are allowed to leave an item until you can arrange transportation. Just make sure you know beforehand.

Make sure you have an inventory list of items well ahead of auction day so that you can do your appropriate due diligence and research the accurate value of any vehicles you are considering. Government car auctions inventories are usually available, sometimes online or may even be included in the auction notice itself. For used truck prices or automobile prices, there are some extremely useful websites which can help you.

If the terms and conditions of any government car auctions you plan to attend allow for a physical inspection of the inventory before the auction date, most definitely do it!! Otherwise, make sure you arrive the day of the car auction quite early so you have time to look at everything closely that you may want to bid on. Inspect each item as closely as you can, as there probably will be no opportunity for a refund if it is defective. Again, as stated in #1, read the terms of the sale and you will know for sure.

If you actually are the winning bidder at any government car auction Pennsylvania, have you made arrangements beforehand on how you will get said vehicles home? Surprisingly many winning bidders haven’t even thought about how they are going to get their bargain pickup truck or classic car home. If you are planning on driving them home have you made arrangements for insurance? I personally won’t so much as drive around the block without insurance. And depending on where you live, it is more than likely illegal to do it as well.

And lastly, and this can be a huge help, go to several government car auctions Pennsylvania simply to observe. Watch how some auctioneers can actually keep the bidding going when it seems all of the bidders are finished. See how they encourage a bidder to keep putting in higher bids. By attending only to watch, you will not feel the pressure or apprehension you might otherwise experience and you will be able to learn a lot more. There is a good chance you will not make some of the mistakes beginners make because you will be much more prepared and knowledgeable.
I hope these tips help and I wish you good bargain hunting at your next auction.